Friday, August 6, 2010

He had time for cherries but none for hate

I roamed around in different places
Trying to see many happy faces

Faces redefined happiness in their own ways
Where smile vanishes but misery stays

I kept on walking through the empty lanes
Desperate to unveil the life in chains

I found a child- his smile was teasy
His life was delightful, cheerful & easy

Walking up the steps of temple
I saw this child looking at me
Climbing up the steps further
Were tougher for me

I had thought about poverty
Written & read in papers
Without ever realizing
How badly they shape us

It was a rainy day
But the condition was not new to him
We seek for happiness
Which was only few to him

Deep within the heart
It tore me apart
Millions suffer such lives
To what it was only a part

This child had reasons to smile and to pulsate
As he had time for cherries but none for hate

We wish to go in heaven
Without making an effort for one
Greed fill in our lives
& we are done ..

                                                                     - Shruti !

.. because there is still a myriad to mend !

I read through the lines in the books of history
As to how we divided and ruled
And we are late in realizing
That our souls are still befooled

I wonder if time has been vindictive
So early I realize that the answer had to be cryptic

Make it a beginning or begin with an end
Because there is still a myriad to mend

Broken hearts require repairing umpteen
But personal affairs keep us so keen

We wake up every morning to realize that our souls are bigoted
Rules of humanity that long time back we violated…

- Shruti !